I'm Vic-
sometimes Victoria,

never Vicky.

I design products through the lens of cultural anthropology and archaeology which helps me create truly human-centered experiences.

I understand how people have adapted and evolved with tools and how they shape our lives; I use decolonized thinking, empathy, systems and design thinking, and core anthropologic research methods to identify problems, find solutions and conduct research.


How I got started in design and research

My formal art training in traditional media and graphic design from RISD and Ringling influences my design aesthetic and the use of design as a catalyst for storytelling.

I later pivoted to cultural anthropology and archaeology. Studying people, environment, ethics, adaptation, and evolution translates to my current work in Product Design and Research by following the same core inquiries.

What I've been working on 

Currently I am a product designer on the Crowdsource team at Google.


As a personal project I'm also working designing an Italian food delivery app, Cibo, focused on solving the problem of grocery shopping for bulk foods during the pandemic, and FoodWell which aims to reduce at home food waste.

What I'm curious about

Decolonized thinking and research methodologies and how to implement into the design process.

The ethics of AI and ML.

Culture and how it impacts (along with the individual) how people perceive and use products and interact with design.


Get in touch!

Thanks! Message sent. Vic will get in touch soon.


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years as a qualitative researcher


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