Editorial Illustration, Branding, Logo Creation, Visual Designer

Creole Me Up

A Haitian owned food company focused on creating high quality marinades and meals with minimal ingredients.


I collaborated with Elsy Dinvil (owner and chef) to create illustrations and graphic designs for social media, books, collateral, products and apparel as well as digital photography for branding and marketing use. 


Cooking with My Mother 

One of the first projects I worked with Elsy on was her book, Cooking with My Mother. After many variants of book cover, this was the final choice. 

The inspiration behind my illustration was of Elsy and her mother growing up in Haiti, as well as thematic elements of what Haiti means to Elsy through personal connection to architecture (La Cathédrale Saint Louis Roi de France in Jérémie) and vivid colors that are found throughout Haiti's environment and food. 


When Elsy made the shift from Creole Cravings to Creole Me Up as her brand identity and company, of course she needed branded items!


The colors chosen for her shirt were crucial to keep true to the vivid and saturated colors of Haitian food, we decided on this color which is indicative of a prepared plantain, and the blue to reflect a color of the Haitian flag and represent the importance of the ocean and sea in Haitian culture. 

1 Year Anniversary

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Creole Me Up, we wanted to bring back the logo with a new twist.


This time the design was more politically impassioned and culturally responsive and relevant, it recognizes the importance that Haitian individuals and the country of Haiti have had on world history, and in particular American history. 

The shirts are being made and printed in Haiti which is 100% owned by the Global Orphan Project.